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  Hinata HANA Sampler

HANA's rich aroma and smooth taste delights the palate as a refreshing aperitif or a satisfying dessert beverage.  And it pairs well with a variety of foods, too, from the subtle to the spicy.

Truly HANA enhances any occasion.

Four (4) Flavored Sake Samples - Fruity, Sweet with Mellow Aroma

White Peach, Lychee, Fuji Apple, Raspberry

HANA White Peach
Hana White Peach appeals with gentle and fresh aroma. The lovely sweet lingering finish continues the appealing taste of ripe fruit. Its low alcohol makes it a fine aperitif, either straight up or on the rocks.
HANA Lychee
Lychee was once a favorite fruit of Emperor Li Longi’s special concubine, Yang Yuhuan in the Tang Dynasty. HANA Lychee appeals with aroma that fulfills the palate with the intense flavor of  this exotic fruit.  The lovely, lingering finish continues the rich Lychee taste. Its low alcohol makes it a fine aperitif, either straight up or on the rocks.
HANA Fuji Apple
HANA Fuji Apple appeals with its fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with the crisp tartness of the fruit.
You will enjoy the flavor of this increasingly popular Japanese fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste of rich apple flavor.  Its low alcohol makes it a fine aperitif, either straight up or on the rocks.
HANA Raspberry
HANA Raspberry lives up to its name with an appealing aroma that fulfills its promise on the palate with a rich berry flavor. The lovely lingering finish continues the enticing taste of ripe fruit.  Its low alcohol makes it a fine aperitif, either straight up or on the rocks.


The name means "pure rice". Junmai is sake composed of only rice, water, koji and sake yeast. No other ingredients or additives, such as alcohol or sugar, are added. The rice has been polished to 70% or less of its original size and used to brew. The sake character tends to have a full-bodied and slightly acidic
In this sake, not more than 120 liters or raw alcohol per each metric ton of white rice and no glucose have been added during the brewing process. Added alcohol cannot exceed 25% of the total alcohol in the finished product. In the U.S. it isn’t legal to make Honjozo or to add alcohol to sake. Imported Honjozo is categorized into distilled spirits.The sake character tends to lighter than Junmai.
Ginjo a special type of Junmai or Honjozo, and considered the highest achievement of a brewer's art. All the rice employed in brewing Ginjo must be polished to at least 60% of its original size. Dai-Ginjo is brewed with the rice polished to at least 50%. In many Ginjo, brewers use special yeasts in making Moto, and ferment the final mash very slowly at low temperature. This extra effort produces a sake that is lighter, with a clean taste and tangy flavor along with an aroma.
Nama means "Draft sake". In this sake, fresh sake is micro-filtered unlike other sake that is pasteurized twice - once before aging and once in the process of bottling. Nama is fruity and fresh taste with pleasant aroma
Nigori -"Cloudy"- sake is unfiltered or roughly filtered so that some Moromi in the fermenting tank make it into the bottle. This sake has a milky white appearance. Nigori is bold with a sweet taste.
Genshu is undiluted sake. After filtration, the sake has an alcohol content of around 19%. Most of sake on the market has been diluted with water until the alcohol contents falls between 12 and 16%. Genshu is full-bodied with a rich taste.

  Warm Sake  

• Sho Chiku Bai
It's totally natural, made from OCIA certified organic rice harvested in the Sacramento Valley, This Ginjo grade sake is an elegant Nama with a soft texture.

  Chilled Sake  

• Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo / Junami Ginjo
Ginjo is a special reserve, connoisseur class of sake. Highly polished rice and a distinctive strain of yeast are usd to create a silky-smooth, rich texture and an appealing, fruity flavor.

• Shirakabegura / Tokubetsu Junmai
The character if this sake is well balanced and complex, crisp finish. The Shirakabe Gura brewery has received the Gold Medal of the Japan Sake Appraisal for 12 consecutive years since 2004.

• Sho Chiku Bai / Organic Nama
It's totally natural, made from OCIA certified organic rice harvested in the Sacramento Valley, This Ginjo grade sake is an elegant Nama with a soft texture.

• Takara Sierra Cold / Junmai Ginjo
Takara Sieera Cold is an innovation in sake brewing with on 12% alcohol, using a specially developed yeast. The result is a light and refreshing Ginjo type sake.

• Yaegaki MU / Junmai Daiginjo
From your first sip, you'll be satisfied by the brilliantly aromatic and complex flavor of this Junmai Daiginjo. The aroma from this sake is not cloying, but leaves a smooth, light, and refreshing taste.

• Okunomatsu / Ginjo
The moment you taste this sake, you will experience a refreshing Ginjo flavor that spreads throughout your mouth and leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

• Kurosawa / Junmai Kimoto
This sake boasts a natural Kimoto flavor, which is full-bodied and earthy, yet light. It is exquisitely balanced and masterfully brewed as the almighty sake.

• Kamotsuru Sokaku / Junmai Daiginjo
This well-balanced sake is at the same time rich and crisp, with a refreshing finish.

  Nigori Sake  

• Nigori Silky Mild / Unfiltered
Distinctive in its simplicity, this ancient style of sake is coarsely filtered, preserving fine particles of rice solids and creating it a cloudy-white apperarnce.

• Nigori Creme de Sake / Unfiltered
It's extremely smooth texture and rich flavor makes this sake a great aperitif and an ambrosia after dinner drink.

  Flavored Nigori Sake  

• YUKI Nigori / White Peach, Lychee, Coffee
Discover the refreshing new Nigori Sake with its delicious variety of flavors!

  Sparkling Sake  

Refreshing, fruity and unique sweet aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and Koji, Mio appeals to a wide range of tastes - a new sake for a new age.

  Plum Wine  

• Takara Plum
Takara Plum is a rich, sweet and aromatic plum wine suitable as an aperitif.

  Flavored Sake  

• Hana / White Peach, Fuji Apple, Lychee, Raspberry
HANA reflects a contemporary beverage that produces appealing fruit aromas followed by a smooth, mellow taste. This beautifully balanced drink pairs well with many dishes and tastes refreshing as an aperitif.

Can't decide on a flavor? Try the Hinata HANA Sampler


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